Dangerous Liaisons after the End of the World

Live Performance Movie by Javor Gardev
Reimagining Heiner Muller’s play

Snezhina Petrova as Merteuil
Zachary Baharov as Valmont

Created & Directed by Javor Gardev
Bulgarian Translation by Georgi Tenev
Edited by Maya Stefanova & Javor Gardev
Director of Photography & Lighting Design – Orlin Ruevski
Stage & Costume Design – Ognyana Serafimova
Music & Sound Design – Kalin Nikolov
Character Design – Vladimir Todorov
Virtual Environment & Performance Capture by Cinemotion
3D Avatars & Sets by Worldwide FX
Line Producer – Rostislava Gencheva
Technical Supervisor – Venelin Georgiev
Stage Decorator – Mihail Zhekunov
Poster Art – Vladimir Todorov
Graphic Design – Teodora Simova
Project Photographer – Adriana Yankulova

Additional music by:
Joe Dassin – Le cafe des trois colombes
Zbigniew Preisner – Lacrimosa
‘Lacrimosa – Day of Tears’
from the album ‘Requiem for My Friend’
Music composed and produced by Zbigniew Preisner
© 1998 New Music B.V.
Recording used by arrangement with New Music B.V.
Music used by arrangement with Chester Music Ltd.
on behalf of New Music B.V.
All rights reserved

Produced by National Palace of Culture, 2015


When the trumpets of the apocalypse ring in your ears, your dependency on love grows. You desperately clutch onto it, as if it would vanquish death and save you from tumbling down into the abyss. Love, at the end of days, is insatiable. It hurries ahead, racing death, because your life is at stake, while time leaks away and the cameras are rolling live.

Javor Gardev

Performance Photos by Adriana Yankulova

Photo Session by Adriana Yankulova

Character Design by Vladimir Todorov